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CORNELL DISTRICT ATTORNEYS OFFICE AFFIDAVIT OF PROSECUTION STATE OF TEXAS COUNTY OF CORNELL My name is and my address is. My phone number is. My date of birth. My social security number is. On or
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How to drop a criminal assault charge in Texas criminal assault charges are filed by the state not citizens police investigate reported assaults and the local prosecutor decides whether to bring criminal charges for this reason the only person who can drop criminal assault charges as the prosecutor not even the victim can get the charges dropped however the victim can ask the prosecutor to drop the charges by filing a formal affidavit in a new sworn statement explaining what happened during the incident even then the prosecutor can still choose to bring charges asking the prosecutor to drop the charges meet with an attorney the process for getting criminal charges will differ depending on the county you should find a criminal defense attorney in the county where the defendant has been charged contact the Texas Bar Association for a referral if you are the defendant you should meet with an attorney as well they can walk you through the steps which require getting sworn statements from the victim at your consultation ask how much the lawyer charges to represent you avoid talking with the prosecutor until you meet with a criminal defense attorney you need to be careful about what you say to the prosecutor from this point forward draft a new sworn statement the victim will probably need to correct any errors in the original sworn statement they gave to the police it's helpful to have a copy of the original sworn statement on hand your lawyer can get a copy if you don't have it you should explain why your initial sworn statement was inaccurate for example you might have been so dazed and confused that you couldn't accurately remember what had happened soon after the incident alternately the police might have written down the information wrong don't lie it is illegal to make false statements to the police complete an affidavit of non-prosecution this is an explicit request that the prosecutor dropped the charges you must swear to the truth of the affidavit before an officer or other notary think carefully before asking the prosecutor to drop charges discuss with your lawyer whether it is a good idea attend counseling before the state will drop the charges you may have to attend domestic violence counseling sessions the purpose of these classes or counseling sessions is to alert you to the help available for victims of domestic violence you may also talk about the incident in a safe environment talk to your lawyer about where you can find classes if they don't know then you should seek out a different lawyer who is experienced in domestic violence the defendant also may have to attend domestic violence classes or counseling before the police will drop the charges lift any protective order if necessary is your partner has been charged for domestic violence you might have received a protective order you should make sure your partner doesn't violate the terms of the order if you're contacted tell your partner to go to a lawyer quickly explain you are...
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